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The Future of Healthcare!

Brisk Health is a Las Vegas-based company that has developed a unique at-home medical care model.
Brisk Health is reinventing the healthcare industry with the use of a mobile app, and a unique business model that defies traditional healthcare to put patients first.
Mobile Urgent Care
The patient is able to schedule a visit ASAP
or at a future date and time. The Brisk Health
medical team arrives at the patients home
ready to treat an illness or injury.
For non-urgent illnesses or injuries, patients
can text or video chat with a doctor
for care, advice, reminders, education
and intervention.
Prescription Delivery
Brisk Health offers same day delivery of
prescription medications to keep the
patient's experience at home.
brisk health

 How It Works


Mobile Urgent Care

Brisk Health uses mobile vehicles
staffed by acute care clinicians, equipped with a certified lab, medical equipment, medications and IVs, Wi-Fi providing access to Brisk Health’s EMR System
Brisk Health


For non-urgent care patients can chat
with a doctor directly within the Brisk Health mobile app. Brisk Health allows the patients to text or video call. Patients are able to obtain a diagnosis, medical prescriptions,
and order lab tests.
Brisk Health
Brisk Health

Prescription Delivery

Brisk Health will pick up and deliver
patient's prescriptions within the same
day (in most cases). The Brisk Health app
will also send a reminder to the patient when to take the prescription and when
a prescription needs to be refilled.

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