Below is tour of the various screens during a patient's mobile urgent care experience.

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Brisk Health

Create Username & Password

• Create user name
• Password
• Confirm password
Brisk Health
Brisk Health
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• Name
• Age
• Address

Create Patient Profile

Emergency Contact

• Patient adds emergency contact
in case of any sudden
emergencies during the
Brisk Health visit.
• Patient’s primary contact information

• Primary care will be notified that
Brisk Health treated the patient and will send over record of visit to the patient's primary care physician.

Primary Care Contact

Brisk Health
Brisk Health
Brisk Health
Brisk Health
• Schedule to be seen ASAP or at a future date and time.

Schedule Appointment

• Patient confirms the location of
where Brisk Health will treat the patient.

Location Information

• Brisk Health accepts insurance
and credit/debit cards

Payment Options

• Upload insurance card
directly in the app.

Confirm Insurance

Brisk Health
Brisk Health
• Any out-of-pocket costs will be charged to patient's credit/debit card.

Credit Card Details

Brisk Health

Medical History

• Brief medical history
• Any pre-existing conditions, etc.
Brisk Health
• Patient is asked a series of questions
about their current symptoms.

• Based on patient answers, artificial
intelligence will triage the patient to
prioritize the patient’s treatments by
the severity of their condition.

Medical Symptoms List

• Patient can see Brisk Health’s medical team traveling to patient in real time.

Live Map

Brisk Health
Brisk Health

Medical Team Arrives

• Confirmation of arrival sent in app and via SMS.
Brisk Health
• Confirmation of prescription arrival sent in app and via SMS.


Delivery Arrives

Brisk Health

Follow Up Care

• Brisk Health will follow up with patients, 48 hours after visit via text in the app.