Brisk Health


Allows the user to choose the services they need, input their account information, request an appointment, set up a prescription delivery, follow up with a doctor via text or a video call.

Mobile Urgent Care

We schedule a visit and our medical team arrives within a few hours, ready to treat their illness or injury in the privacy and comfort of their home.
Brisk Health


  • Request A Visit
  • We Come To You
  • We Handle The Rest
Brisk Health
Allows the user to add their personal profile and information to Request a Visit and have access to care in your home.



Brisk Health
  • Brisk Health provides a detailed report to each member’s primary care physician.
  • Brisk Health integrates urgent medical care with that of a patient’s current healthcare team.
  • Patients will always be directed back to their primary care provider for follow up.
Brisk Health
We pick up and deliver their prescriptions so the patient never has to leave their home. We call in their prescriptions, update their doctor and handle billing with their insurance company.

Prescription Delivery


  • Contact Your Pharmacy
  • Request Delivery
  • Your Medication Is Delivered