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Our Technology - Artificial Intelligence

Brisk Health is currently developing a mobile app where the patient can request care with just a tap on the app. The Brisk Health app uses artificial intelligence to triage the patient to prioritize the patient's treatments by the severity of their condition. Brisk Health will
be contracted with all major payers in Nevada and bills insurance directly for
the care provided.

Brisk Health is currently developing an A.I. that will allow the patient to answer a series of questions in the Brisk Health app. Based on the outcome of the patient’s answers, the A.I. will be able to determine the best possible care for the patient.​


Brisk Health

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

An Advanced EMR App

Brisk Health pioneered an EMR app for iPad. With an end to end solution that seamlessly integrates patient engagement, scheduling, clinical workflow and medical billing.

Brisk Health’s medical team can access and review the patient’s entire medical record in real-time. Additionally, the Brisk Health medical team can resend appointment reminders in the Brisk Health app and via text or email, send integrated consent forms, e-prescribe, and order labs during the visit. The Brisk Health medical team can also take a photo and save it to the document
history found in the
patient medical record.
This is helpful in cases
where the patient has a
rash, bruise or other
condition that requires
saving an image directly
to their chart.


Using Brisk Health,
physicians can
document a full patient
encounter, update and

save the patients
record and bill
insurance. With complete
clinical documentation
abilities, physicians can
see patients with an iPad
to do their rounds.

Brisk Health
Brisk Health
Brisk Health

How it works

React Native

The development team at Brisk Health used React Native to structure a new code. We then delivered a flexible code base that was adaptable to future iOS and Android OS updates.

We built a code base from scratch, making it modern and scalable. Our redesigned app was built to complement the latest iPhone, and Android phones while also being adaptable to future devices and operating systems.

Available on Apple and Android

Brisk Health


Brisk Health
Brisk Health


Brisk Health

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