The Vision

Brisk Health's mission is to create the most advanced and complete in-home care model in the world. Brisk Health offers on-demand healthcare for people of all ages in the comfort of their home.

Brisk Health helps reduce unnecessary emergency room visits and hospitalizations, improve clinical outcomes and decrease burdensome costs for the overall healthcare system.

The closest doctor’s office is now in the patient’s pocket.

Why Start in Nevada? 

• Nevada’s health care system ranks

48th out of the 50 states, leaving much
room for improvement.

• Nevada’s population has increased

nearly 14% since 2010, from 2.6 million
to roughly 2 million people, with 74%
of them living in southern Nevada.

• 88.6% of Nevadans have health
insurance. Which means they 
would be able to utilize Brisk
Health’s services.

• Nevada has the fewest health care
workers per capita of all 50 states.
Brisk Health will help in adding more
healthcare jobs, starting in Nevada.

• 88.7% of households have internet

access. Which would allow patients
to utilize the app. 

Brisk Health